Water Bottle Design Challenge with Helen Shanks, Alice Borie, and the Senior Team

Day One by Paulina Cho ’12 and Sanjana Rao ’12:

For the water bottle design challenge, the seventh graders are grouped with sophomores to design rafts using water bottles, rubber bands, and other recycled materials which will transport a stuffed animal across the pool on Friday. The overall objective of this project is to become aware of our daily water consumption through seeing the quantity of water bottles. Today was the brainstorming session, during which students also participated in a water-themed jeopardy to become more familiar with facts concerning water. As Yasmin Nesbat (’14) says, this project will “help with perspective” through involving both research and fun. In addition, this project allows sophomores to lead their own design challenges (and build upon previous EOP sessions), while providing an opportunity for the seventh graders to work collaboratively and think about issues that will continue to be discussed this Global Week.
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