Water Bottle Design Challenge- Day Two

Today, the second day of the water bottle-design challenge, the 7th grade girls are all at different stages of the construction process; while some groups have begun creating their raft, other groups are still experimenting with a prototype (i.e. including a sail, or not). One team is including an empty gallon bottle in the middle of their raft and plans to incorporate a diamond design of smaller water bottles around it. In the building process, the girls are becoming aware of how pool water will affect the design and more specifically, are estimating how much water all the now empty bottles once held. Lauren Trihy (’17) says her favorite part of the project has been “working as a team and trying to decide a great way to put this raft together.” A noticeable quality of all the teams is their supportive nature as well as the grade bonding. Though sophomore leaders have said that efficiency might be the most challenging part of this workshop, everyone is having a good time collaborating.
PS: Look out for Team Sparkly Hot Pink! 🙂
Written by Sanjana Rao ’12 and Paulina Choh ’12
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