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January 6th & 7th, 2015

Hi all!  So sorry we did not get a chance to blog yesterday—we were traveling for most of the day!  We left Shanghai early in the morning and arrived in Lijang around 5 in the afternoon.  We promptly drove for about an hour until we reached the town of Shuhe, where we spent the night in a hostel.  After dropping off our luggage we hit the town where we shopped and ate a delicious dinner.

Although the town of Shuhe has been transformed into a tourist magnet, it replicates some aspects of the old towns.  Despite the fact that most of our activities in the town involved shopping, we still got a taste of the extremely friendly community of Shuhe as we ordered food, bargained for a good price, or simply stopped to have a friendly conversation!

Nanyaocun: Homestay village

After a busy morning of shopping, we squeezed into taxis to take us from Shuhe to Nanyaocun, our nearby homestay village. The drive up was bumpy, beautiful, and breathtaking. On our way up the mountain we passed fluffy horses, fields of vegetables, and many smiling faces. When we arrived we eagerly jumped out of our vans and took in the clear blue sky and fresh air. Soon after our arrival we did a fun group activity to prepare us for the absence of western toilets in our homestays. It was a bit silly, but everyone had a good time.

After a quick lesson of basic Chinese phrases and homestay do’s and don’ts the trip leaders introduced us to our homestay families and then we were off! We spent the afternoon with our families eating lunch and helping them with their daily routines. In the evening we reconvened with the rest of the group and participated in student-led discussions and reflections. Afterwards, we returned to our homestay families for dinner and other evening activities.

We are so lucky to be in this beautiful place with such incredible people. Stay tuned for updates as we get to know our homestay families better!


Check out our past few days in pictures:

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