Tuesday’s Speaker and Movie

Tuesday January 17, 2006: Health


Mary Beth Powers, Senior Reproductive Health Advisor at Save the Children, plays a key role in the agency’s female health and development programs, especially before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth. Powers oversees a team of clinicians and professionals in more than twenty countries and leads the agency’s policy and planning efforts on women’s health. Ms. Powers sees links between women’s health and their level of education. She believes education levels influence development and a country’s overall well-being. As Mary Beth Powers puts it, “When countries take measures to ensure that couples have the tools they need to have and raise healthy children, they vastly increase the likelihood that their people develop into strong, productive members of society, and that their communities flourish.” Thanks to Ms. Powers, we have a greater understanding of how improving the lives of women and their health connects to creating healthier societies.

Pandemic: Facing AIDS is an HBO documentary film by filmmaker and producer Rory Kennedy. Pandemic: Facing AIDS premiered at the Barcelona World AIDS conference on July 8, 2002. The movie follows the lives of five people living with AIDS in different regions of the world and uses their experiences to put faces behind the numbers and to connect audiences with the heartache and triumph of living with AIDS.

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