Tuesday: Afternoon Workshops for the Upper School

Greg Davis
Mr. Davis is the regional Vice-President of Opportunity International, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the working poor. The organization provides small loans that allow poor entrepreneurs to start or expand a business, develop a steady income, provide for their families and create jobs for their neighbors. In 2005 Mr. Davis co-lead a medical team into Ache, Indonesia, to assist in the aftermath of the Tsunami disaster.  The experience cemented in his mind the potential for good from people who care to do something about those most in need.  He believes, along with an increasing number of world leaders, that access to capital for the 3 billion people that live on less than $3 a day is vital to the world economy and to achieving peace in the most hostile regions of the globe.

Dr Mauro Galetti
A Tinker visiting professor in Latin American Studies at Stanford University, Dr. Galetti’s research strives to understand complex interactions between frugivores (fruit-eating animals) and plants and the impact of human activities, including forest fragmentation, poaching, and more recently global warming, on biodiversity loss. His major study sites are in the Pantanal and in the Atlantic rain forest.

Dr Frank Wolak
A professor of Economics at Stanford University, Dr. Wolak’s research include empirical studies of regulated and formerly regulated industries (e.g., telecommunications, electricity, water, postal delivery services), and empirical studies of U.S. trade policies (anti-dumping and countervailing duty law). A substantial fraction of his consulting work is on developing infrastructure industries in Latin American countries.

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