Trip to the Eco-Tourism Hotel in La Shi Hai

We visited an Eco-tourism hotel during our stay in LaShiHai, and focused especially on the impact of tourism on the surrounding Naxhi community. In order to reach the hotel we had to squat for 20 minutes in a man’s fishing boat for a ride across the lake. Our cover to investigate the hotel was that we were looking for an Eco-tourism hotel to stay at for next year’s global investigator trip to China. The hotel worker who gave us the tour explained to us the various rooms, pricing, and the Eco-friendly aspects of the hotel (wood instead of concrete was used to build the hotel, for example). We were surprised to find that although the hotel was founded by a person not from the village most of the workers were from there. Talking to some of our home-stay families, we discovered that actually many native families did not so much appreciate the presence of the hotel. They feared expansion of such tourism and how such expansion could negatively impact the community by inspiring a predominately consumerist mentality among a traditionally apathetic mentality towards money. It was very interesting to think about tourism from this perspective.


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