Trip Experiences ft. Ms. Pang

Ms. Pang went on the partnership trip to Kisaruni in 2012 and wrote the following poem on hunger and poverty in the United States after a group discussion.  Enjoy!



Me to We Castilleja trip

Summer 2012


When will we be ready?

We say government is to protect the general welfare

We say equality

But when will we be ready?

We discover hunger, and poverty, in the United States,

We work,

and then we forget

Riis showed us

How the Other Half Lives

And Progressives worked,

and then we forgot,

we didn’t ask the question


FDR said freedom from want was a human right

We worked, we gave ourselves a New Deal

and then we forgot

The Other America

we didn’t ask the question


Johnson declared war on poverty

We worked

and then we forgot

Did we ever really ask the question


And today we blame, and we cut

We say we should protect, those who are young and old, those who cannot work, but we forget, and we cut

When will we be ready?

To ask the question, and really listen for the answer?

Why is there hunger? Why is there poverty?

In the land of plenty?

What would it mean, to be the country we say we are?

To discover, and not forget?

What can I do to make us listen and not forget?


H. Pang

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