The Environmental impact of Farming

By: Lauren Ashby


Our problem with farming is that at this moment we are in a drought and many people all over the world don’t have enough fresh, clean water. Instead those people are either dehydrated and have nothing to drink or are drinking muddy gross water that is not safe to drink. As of now our water is limited yet  we use 70% of our fresh drinkable water on farming. Farming is a necessary thing for humans to live but, there are other ways to get the water we need without drilling which will eventually dry out or the land that is no longer supported by the aquifers will in cave which is very dangerous for people living there.

Today we have invented many tricks to make salt water into fresh water. around 65.5%  of the earth is covered in salt water and 2.5% of our earth is covered with fresh water. For large water distributors they have large machines that can take all the salt out of the saltwater. If we utilise the Red Sea alone we could give about 15 quadrillion people enough water for a day or give 47,037,853 people enough water everyday for a year.  This is a lot of water and could save lives everywhere from africa to england and even in our own backyard.

The new process of making saltwater into freshwater is called Memstill, Memstill is when you take saltwater and have it pass through a membrane and as it passes through the membrane the salt stays behind because it is too big but the water passes right through and is safe to drink. This method is still very expensive but can be produced on a large scale. Memstill can even be solar powered which make it all that much better for the environment because it doesn’t run on fossil fuels.People have also created ways to turn saltwater into freshwater at home for a cheap price on  a small scale. So what you do is you take the saltwater and put it in a bowl. You take a cup and put it in the center of the bowl of saltwater. You then cover the bowl in plastic wrap and put a small pebble directly above the cup and put it in the sun for 4-5 hours. When water is in the hot sun it evaporates leaving the salt behind at the bottom of the bowl and the water in the cup is fresh and safe to drink.

Farming uses a lot of water but we can’t live without farming. It only has become dangerous because people aren’t farming smart. We use so much water on farming because we are farming in areas where there is not rain or water. We have settled where all the water is but that is where the farms should be. If we can’t harness saltwater then we should start farming in areas with rain. For example Spencer, Oklahoma has an average of 37.2 in of rain a year while volcano, hawaii gets 240.02 in a year. Why is it that we are farming in the places that get the least amount of water. Some would say it is too mountainy but many cultures have found ways to farm on mountains, surely we should be able to learn. In medieval China people grew vegetables and rice on terrace fields which is when you cut flat areas in the mountains and when the water is too much at the top it flows down to the rest of the mountain or hill.  

Water, H2O, made of Hydrogen and oxygen.Wait, that recipe of 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen could be the answer to our water issue. Around 20.6% of the air is made of Oxygen and around 0.035% of the air is made of carbon dioxide. This doesn’t seem like a lot but there’s tons of air so we would always have enough water to drink if we keep animals and trees well cared for and alive so they can give you the CO2 and O2 that we need.

The earth has many issues, it is full of pollution, when it rains it rains acid rain and there is not enough water on earth. If we utilize all these ideas and the ideas of my peers we will be on the road to a better life. And isn’t that better than what we have now. Imagine it, green grass, clean air, sweet rain and all the water the earth and it’s inhabitants could need.

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  • Anika Adzich

    I like how thorough your essay is and I think that helped me understand what is going on. I was surprised how much farming helps us not create pollution. I think 1 more visually could be good and citations so I could look more into the topic.

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