The Beginning of the Guate Trip

Exciting. Eye-opening. New. Rich. Beautiful. These were the words our fellow classmates used to describe their initial reactions to Guatemala.

The journey to our hotel on Lake Atitlán involved planes, bus, and even a boat ride across the lake. After a late-night flight and windy bus ride, we piled ourselves and our many suitcases into a little boat, catching the lovely breeze amidst the warm weather. Our beautiful hotel awaited us at the end of the lake, complete with papaya juice, warm beds, and a gorgeous view!


After settling we went into the lake town of San Juan. We met the youth at the  library and learned about the town’s history, and we enjoyed our first  Guatemalan meal, complete with beans, rice, and plenty of home-made  tortillas!


Dynamicas with our Youth Partners in San Juan

Dynamicas with our Youth Partners in San Jua







Today, we started off with a lovely breakfast and exposure to a parade in honor of Three King’s Day, where ambassadors from the local church travel from house to house bearing baby Jesus. Traditionally, he is kissed on the forehead by each resident, followed by a series of fireworks (which we have heard periodically throughout the city all day).



From the very beginning, Guate has been filled with vibrant sounds: festive music in the town square, roosters crowing in the morning, a trail of drums that followed baby Jesus about the village.

Fascinating for coffee-addicts and non-coffee-drinkers alike was our coffee tour. We learned that there are four different kinds of coffee plants, and even got to taste the coffee plant itself, which was surprisingly sweet! For the remainder of the afternoon, we prepared for skits about the environment to share with the community, and will later spend some time with the Guatemalan youth.


More on that later! Hasta Pronto!

Lea y Kiana

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