TEDx Workshop with Chris Chiang and Christina McClure

Day One by Paula Orrego ’12:

On the first day of Global Week 2012, Castilleja students from grades six through ten convened on the floor of the Upper School gym to hear about the project they are about to embark on for the next three days. First, Mr. Chiang and Christina Hansen McClure (’71) showed the girls Youtube videos of previous TED talks. They then explained Prezi, an online presentation form the girls will learn to work with. To explain the girls’ excitement in setting up Prezi accounts and coming up with ideas for their TED talks, Christina Hansen McClure said, “The energy in the gym was of organized chaos. Just minutes before, these girls were sitting in neat rows, listening to Mr. Chiang and me. Now, they’ve split into small groups to master Prezi and begin crafting their “mini-TED talks” about water.” I am sure Castilleja is looking forward to seeing these girls’ presentations on Friday.

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