Taking Local Environmental Action with Acterra

Have you ever been bored and wanted to get outside?  We have the perfect opportunity for you that will not only give you some vitamin D but will also educate you about the ecosystem.  On January 8th, 2013 we took a trip to the San Francisquito Creek in Menlo Park. We worked with members of the Acterra organization. Acterra is a non-profit organization with a mission “to bring people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet.” The Acterra organization brings people together to create local solutions for a healthier planet. They helped us plant native plants and test the creek water for nitrates and oxygen levels. Our work supported the organization because we all want to change the current state of our environment and we came together as a community to take action towards creating a greener earth. When our small group visited the creek, we learned a couple unexpected things. First, the creek is extremely flashy and floods easily in large amounts of rain. We brought native plants to the creek that would not contaminate and kill the existing plants, but would still balance the ecosystem.


Overall, we learned a few interesting facts about our environment. Some of the future goals of Acterra are to reduce the carbon footprint and to help with the local ecosystems by means of educating the community. They also want to introduce indigenous plants into the area, as well as take out nonindigenous plants, or plants that disrupt the native food chain. There are many ways Castilleja can partner with Acterra; these include coming out on weekends or after school and helping with water quality testing, planting and weeding (habitat restoration). You can visit their website to find more ways you can help. The word Acterra can be broken down in two parts: act, as in action, and terra, meaning earth. Acterra emphasizes community involvement and taking action through volunteering to make a better planet.

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  • Natasha

    This is a very helpful blog, because now I know what I can do to help make the earth greener. I also didn’t know that Acterra even existed before this blog post. Now since I am knowledgeable of Acterra, I can go volunteer there! This was a great, and informative blog post, Thank you!

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