Summer Sun is on the Horizon…how will you “shine”?

The ACE Center is populating the Naviance database with internship opportunities.  Keep checking!  In the meantime, here are a few non-profit opportunities that we’re highlighting.


Juniors and Seniors, spend the summer learning the ropes behind the scenes of one of the Peninsula’s premiere theater companies.  Even if you aren’t a theater buff, this opportunity can offer insight into the workings of non-profits.


Interested in understanding how partnerships between schools support collaborative learning and break down stereotypes?  Interested in running a small independent project that brings groups of students from disparate communities together around a common activity?  Work with eduWeavers to imagine your own project, raise funds to support it, orchestrate the joint-activity, and highlight it on the eduWeavers’ website to inspire others.  If you have a younger sibling, this might be a great way to do a project at his/her school.  Plan it in the summer, implement it in the fall.  Or, support one of Castilleja’s growing global partnerships in some way.  (And, yes, full-disclosure, this non-profit was founded by ACE Director Stacey Kertsman.)  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Ms. Kertsman in the ACE Center.


More info is coming, but they’re interested in Casti Interns….so put on your thinking caps and imagine engaging in the political process!!!

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