Summary from Global Week Day 3


Tethong opened our third day of Global Week and shared his perspectives on land area of Tibet, Tibetans, Buddhism and his work on behalf of Tibetans and the Dali Lama. Mr. Tethong is Tibetan scholar, speaker, elected official in exile, founder
of many Tibetan initiatives, and tireless advocate for the Tibetan
community.  Mr. Tethong is a founding member and current President of
the Dali Lama Foundation, an international organization dedicated to
the promotion of peace and ethics  In addition to his many other
endeavors, Mr. Tethong is currently  a Distinguished Fellow, Tibetan
Studies Initiative, at Stanford University.

Dalai Lama Foundation

Tibetan Studies Initiative, Stanford University
Committee of 100 for Tibet
Missing Peace Project

Following Mr. Tethong, the school community reconvened to learn about the work of the International Rescue Committee. Liberian refuge Charles Jackson who was helped by the IRC and Eduardo Garcia Rolland, who is a Child Protection Technical Advisor, shared personal stories. Mr. Jackson completed a Knight Fellowship through Stanford and is now living in the Bay Area with his wife. Mr. Rolland works with staff in West Africa and the Great Lakes to mainstream child protection into all CYPD activities. Eduardo
comes to this position with extensive experience working on human
rights and child protection in South America (Peru), Africa (Burundi,
Rwanda, DRC, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Guinea), Eastern Europe
(Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia) and Asia (Sri Lanka). Eduardo
has worked with a range of humanitarian and human rights agencies,
including Norwegian Refugee Council, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, OXFAM
International Medical Corps and Jesuit Refugee Services. He worked with
IRC in Kosovo, Macedonia and Sierra Leone, and is now based at
headquarters in New York City. Eduardo has a Masters
degree in International Humanitarian Aid from Deusto University, Spain
and Ruhr Universitat, Germany and a law degree from Deusto University,

After lunch, Castilleja enjoyed a lively performance by The TOPAZ Jazz Ensemble. This group was founded in 2005 by prominent American violist
and composer, Mimi Dye.  The ensemble performs primarily original
music, composed by the founder, and dedicated to a vision of a new
world of peace, understanding and celebration.  Cross cultural
collaboration is an earmark of the group, and they have collaborated
with many groups representing other cultures, including the Sukay
Andean Ensemble, the VNote Venezuelan Ensemble, and various ensembles
from the Persian tradition. Key projects include recording a CD of
original jazz, "River in the Sun," performing at the University of
Central Oklahoma in Edmond, and presenting the world premiere of "One
Beautiful Light" for jazz viola, TOPAZ ensemble and strings. 

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