Srinija Srinivasan

Seniors began their special work on leadership with a hands-on experience with Ms. Srinivasan.  Ms Srinivasan is Vice President and Editor in Chief for Yahoo! and controls all the content decisions for them: She was originally hired to be the "ontological Yahoo".  She was also honored by Ms. Shriver's Women in Leadership We Conference in 2007 presenting as her motto: "Be humble, be kind, and speak your truth. You might be surprised how many will share your view if you have the guts to express it first."

Seniors also spent time working with the Decision Education Foundation working on decision making.  DEF boasts several connections to Castilleja (former Casti teacher Marcy Conn was a founder, and former Casti teacher John Frazier came to lead today's workshops, while Dave Lowell worked at DEF before coming to Casti.)

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