Square One Can Help You Find an Internship!

Square One is excited to begin an internship program, effective
immediately. By providing young women insight and experience into
career possibilities, Square One is giving driven youth the chance to
work in some of the most competitive programs in their field. With a
large and growing network of experts promoting focused professional
growth, Square One hopes to achieve year after year of individual
career development; in order to ultimately create a remarkable class
of professional women and Square One Alumnus’s.

We invite you to participate in our first year of internship
opportunities! Our opportunities are currently open to enrollment, on
a first come first served basis, provided students meet criteria and
selection standards. In order to qualify for the Square One Internship
Program individuals must meet our basic criteria.

Applicants must meet the following three requirements:

1. All applicants must be female.
2. A current student of high school (grades 10-12) or an undergraduate at
an accredited University.

3. A student in good academic standing.

Square One will work to connect qualified students with internships
related to their chosen field. We do not guarantee internships, paid
or unpaid, and request that interns abide by the rules of their
respective organization. Square One will work, to the best of its
ability, to place qualified interns with qualified internships, please
note that exact processes will vary depending on the organization.

Square One currently has immediate openings to place interns in the
following fields

*Non Profit Management
*Public Events
*Human Resources
*Social Services

Square One serves as the liaison between you and the organization,
connecting students to fascinating opportunities. Students will be
interning for the organization, not for Square One (unless specified
otherwise). However, because students will be utilizing Square One in
their internship search, we request material to get to know you
better. Required documents to submit to Square One are as follows:

a) A statement of purpose- up to one page detailing why you choose to
intern via Square One, your educational/career interests, and any
other information you feel is valuable for us to know about your
internship goals.

b) A CV/resume- while we realize this may be the first time many of you
are drafting a resume, we would like an outline of your experiences.

c) Once documents are submitted, we may invite you to meet with us for an
interview. Soon after the interview we will inform you of possible
next steps, or immediate placement. Please be sure to clearly document
your name, contact number, and email on all of your submitted
material. All documents are to be submitted to

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