Sophomore receives Tutor Corps Foundation Grant

Sophomore Steph Flamen won a grant from the Tutor Corps foundation for her After-School Arts Program at St. Elizabeth Seton School. Here is what she said about her program:

In middle school at Castilleja, I tutored at Seton and loved it.  My freshman year I became leader of the club.  We weren’t able to tutor very often because of after school activities, but now with the EOP period, we are able to go at least every two weeks.  I wanted to create an internship that consisted of more interaction with the kids than tutoring and perhaps teach a class.  With the help of the ACE center and after many emails, we established an internship at St. Elizabeth Seton.  Anna Yu and Ella Finley have been co-teaching this after school art program with me.  It varies from week to week, but there are usually about 15 kids in the class, but because this program is just starting, we expect to have about 30 in the upcoming weeks.
After a few lessons, Ms. Ratner, the Art in Action art program leader at Seton, asked us if we would like to teach multiple grade levels.  I sent out an email to the upper school and received 11 responses within the hour, and had to send out another email to say we already had enough volunteers.  I continued to receive more emails from those who wanted to participate so I hope to eventually expand the program even more.
For each lesson, we start by showing the kids a famous work of art, which they will eventually learn to imitate.  They recently looked at a jungle painting and during the last few classes, they have created their own jungle scenes while learning to use oil pastels and perspective.  We taught them how to draw various jungle animals, which they then cut out, colored, and glued on.
Ms. Kertsman showed me the grant application, and I quickly applied for it.  We were fortunate enough to receive $600, which we now use to buy art supplies.  Here is the site of the grant with our program description; click here to see article.  To see our article, click the read below button.

The program has been going fantastically, and I’ve loved teaching the kids, although it is hard work.
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