“Facilitating for Social Justice” Workshop for ACE Org Leaders

Castilleja School’s motto is “Women Learning, Women Leading” (Castilleja School). This commitment invites an active awareness and engagement of one’s own social identities within a diverse community, and the cultivation of understandings, habits of heart and mind, and skills to engage others inclusively and equitably. As part of its commitment to “helping students successfully navigate the successive steps and choices that bring them  to self awareness and productive growth,” the ACE Center at Castilleja has invited Blink Consulting to facilitate a  workshop on Facilitating for Social Justice on March 3, 2012.

3-hr workshop- 9 am – 12 pm ACE Center

Guiding questions:

  • What is socially just leadership?
  • How can I help others to their best thinking and action?
  • Who am I as a leader?

Intended outcomes:

  • Shared understanding of “social justice” and “facilitation”
  • Student identified leadership skills for continuing development
  • Facilitation tools to include more voices and to practice—not just strive for—equity
  • Small leadership learning community of peers


  • Hands on activities
  • Workshop: leadership scenarios from Castilleja
  • Discussion

About Blink  Since 2005, Blink has been collaborating with schools to create communities where all students and adults can thrive. Blink  has partnered with over 35 San Francisco Bay Area independent schools and other organizations including Aim High and  the Environmental Protection Agency, to sustainably enact their diversity missions and commitments to inclusion and  equity. Blink has experience working with diverse constituencies in schools, including faculty, staff, administrators,  trustees, parents and students, through: customized workshops; leadership retreats; mentoring and coaching; curriculum  and assessment design; cultural competency design and implementation; teacher assessment; integration of diversity with  other core values, programs and initiatives; and crisis response and proactive planning for inclusive and equitable  multicultural engagement. Blink’’s work blends theory and practice, and invites a critical and compassionate rethinking of  what we mean, whom we include and how we engage, when we talk about diversity.

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