Sixth Grade Students Skype with Allegra in Egypt!

Today sixth-grade teacher Laura Thornburg brought history to life by Skyping with an Egyptian sixth-grade teacher who was teaching in Cairo near the Square during the Revolution last January.  While the sixth graders have been steeped in Ancient Eygptian history, they are also learning that history informs the present and this was an important opportunity to explore that link with a teacher on the ground in Egypt.  Stay tuned for student feedback on the session!

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  • Lucy Carlson

    It must have been soooooooo cool to talk to Allegra. I wish I could have. 🙁 At least I got to see what she said! 🙂

  • Ms Thornburg

    I loved hearing from someone who was near the Square during the Revolution – even though it sounded scary! It made me realize how lucky I am that I get to vote for our President and that I generally feel protected by our police and military. I am thrilled that the students were so engaged and mature as they stood and spoke clearly to Allegra! I am also really proud of the other classes who did not get to interact with her “live” but who will enjoy the video-taped version. They will have a chance to interview another one of our speakers in the Spring.

  • Esveide

    I really felt sad because I didn’t get to Skype with her because it’s not my class, but I am excited to see the conversation and I’m excited to send in my question to her!

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