We made it! We are safe and sound at our fabulous hostel (replete with drawings on all the walls), waiting for the rest of our party, who are already somewhere in China, to join us.

Our 13 hour direct flight was wonderfully uneventful. There was plenty of extra room which allowed for some yoga in the aisles and multiple reshufflings of seats. We all enjoyed watching movies – so many movies – and binge-watching the Big Bang Theory. Each sandwiched by our two backpacks, we were greeted in The Pu Dong airport by our “Where There Be Dragons” friends: Kai, Kara, and Sophie. They gave each of us a lovely red daisy and then we went to our hostel, where we will be staying for the next three nights.

We’re a bit tired but very, very excited to start investigating Shanghai!

Love, Your Intrepid Explorers

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