Seton’s Spirit Animals

This week the Seton Art ACE Org went to St. Elizabeth Seton’s School and helped kids from 1st to 4th grade figure out what their spirit animals were.  Kids thought hard about what animals best represented their personalities, then Seton Art members helped them draw these animals with chalk pastel – a messy but fun medium.

Elena Gadekar ('16) helps Seton students











Some felt their spirit animals were dogs, others thought cheetahs suited them better.  In the end we had six butterflies, four ducks, five penguins, four cheetahs, and one bumblebee, along with countless other animals.  The students had a blast learning how to use chalk pastel, blending and mixing all the different colors.  Luckily we didn’t get too much pastel on our dress whites!

Teaching Art at Seton











The young art students also wrote brief descriptions explaining why they thought a certain animal was their spirit animal.  One girl wrote “My spirit animal is a dog because they are friendly.”  Another boy wrote “My spirit animal is a cheetah because I am fast.”  And another girl wrote “My spirit animal is a butterfly because they are cute.”

We all learned a little more about the wonderful kids at Seton and had a blast teaching them art!  Can’t wait till next week when we do Thanksgiving – related crafts!



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