Riecken Foundation Inspires Innovative Thinking At Castilleja

Riecken Foundation guests spent time in classes, in discussion with faculty, and at a community education evening at Castilleja on Wednesday, Nov. 9.  They inspired us with their spirit and their purpose, and they informed our thinking about how best to engage a community in capturing the essence of a culture.  Dedicated to building libraries and community spaces in Latin America, the Riecken libraries also offer a framework within which indigenous cultures can honor and sustain their rich histories.  There is a strong effort to capture oral histories, develop multi-lingual texts that use indigenous languages and Spanish, and even document sacred sites using GPS mapping techniques.  We were honored to host them.  A big thank you goes out to the Guatemala Investigator Trip planners, Flaurie Imberman and Jole Seroff, for creating the connection between Castilleja and Riecken.

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