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Students store kits in warehouse.

Have you ever wanted to volunteer but stay under the radar and out of the spotlight? Rebuilding Together provides very productive work that is perfect for you! Rebuilding together produces critical repairs, accessibility modifications and energy efficient upgrades to low-income homes and community centers at no cost to service recipients. They bring together over two-hundred thousand volunteers to complete our ten-thousand projects per year.Today at Rebuilding Together we made service kits for the 80 sites that the corporation is responsible for. The kits and bags will be used at the sites to build houses on April 27th, National Rebuilding Day. The whole year is spent getting ready and preparing for this community event. Our support in numbers helped the organization complete the work that would have taken a single person a week to finish. Even the work that we did today was only a small portion of what Rebuilding Together does over the course of the year. We made approximately 120 kits and bags, a great accomplishment, but still not enough for all the people that are planning to join to our 80 sites on National Rebuilding Day. New volunteers will join together to help make the event a success.

By Gabby O. and Natasha B.

Some people are unaware that many people struggle to maintain a home, and how much time and effort are invested in rebuilding one.  Although the main perception of the charity is National Rebuilding Day, there is lots of hard work behind the scenes.  The charity spends much of the year packing tool boxes preparing for this one important day! During our service we helped the organization achieve this by sorting materials such as paintbrushes, goggles and gloves into supply kits that will be used to repair the houses during National Rebuilding Day.  We were also surprised to realize the majority of Rebuilding Together’s clients are senior citizens who have been living in their home for decades. Many people live in houses with leaks in their roofs and poor structure because the homeowners cannot afford to repair them.   Rebuilding Together helps countless citizens annually, but they can always use extra help.  Our volunteer experience was fun and we felt accomplished once we finished, knowing that the packages we put together would eventually help build a home.

By Jacque V. and Ellie C.

Students pack kits and bags for Rebuilding Together Peninsula in the warehouse.

In the future, Rebuilding Together plans to expand such partnerships and programs to create a more comprehensive charity and reach as many people in need as possible.

By volunteering with the program, we were immersed in a first hand experience of what the organization does every day. Though we did not meet with the individuals whom we were helping, the entire group felt the way we were impacting others. By helping those less fortunate, we felt connected to the community in a way that can only be achieved with community service. We remain inspired and fulfilled by the experience and are filled with initiative and the belief that we can make a difference within our community.

By Karly Q and Natalie S.

Our new Rebuilding Together t-shirts!


I was at the very end and I thought, ‘Maybe I am going to lose my home forever.’ But then I found Rebuilding Together. Rebuilding Together gave me hope. They gave me hope that my home could be saved.”  Ms. Sara, one of thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims, was able to have a home again after Rebuilding Together reached out to her.
Rebuilding Together Peninsula welcomes the Castilleja community to build relationships with one another by supporting others through volunteering. Adam Widmer, the Construction and warehouse Manager of the peninsula branch of the organization, shared that all contributions, whether they are donations in the form of money, time, skills, or materials, are incredibly valuable to their cause.  Rebuilding Together Peninsula relies on volunteers and emphasizes the importance of “bringing…communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners” (RTP mission statement). The organization encourages Castilleja families to join together to participate in National Rebuilding Day on April 27th, a countrywide event held in order to unite communities in action. Mr. Widmer also reminded us about how volunteering with friends or family can be a fun experience that builds stronger relationships and enhances a sense of community.
By Heejin H. and Lea S.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula appreciates any donation.  To donate directly to the Peninsula Chapter, you can click here:  These donations are put to work in our immediate local community.

Every community member is encouraged to text BUILD 85944, which immediately donates $10 to the national organization.

Volunteering for Rebuilding Together is always a fantastic way to contribute to the cause as well.

Learn more at the Rebuilding Together’s websites: or

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