Photography Workshop- Day Two

The girls gathered excitedly in the Chapel this morning, cameras in hand, eager to finally get some hands on experience with renowned photographer Mamen Saura. They divided into the same groups as yesterday. Ms. Saura explained that she had looked over the photos the girls had taken last nights and decided to give them a lesson on perspective. The entire group went out on the circle with jerrycans and bottles of water. Saura explained that you could take a photo from any angle. “Make it interesting,” she said. The girls were then given the rest of the time to experiment with photography. Not only was it a great hands-on experience, but the collaboration was a learning tool. One student reflects, “it was interesting to learn how to photograph the movement of water; I had a lot of fun.” We look forward to seeing their photos on Friday.

Written by: Camille Zubizarreta ’12 and Julie Lanctot ’12

Photos by: Ravenna Patel ’12

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