Photography with Mamen Saura

“How do you capture feelings? Anyone know?” was the first questions Mamen Saura asked the group of 60 middle and upper schoolers today.  The girls first broke up into small groups, and, with the help of their Senior TA’s, brainstormed a list of all the unusual places in their home where they use water.  Some of the most unusual (“out of the box”) answers included science projects, homework (light bulbs needed to do homework use water) and baking pasta.  Next, Saura asked the students what their household water bills looked like.  Most students did not know.  Tonight, workshop participants will actually take a look at their family’s water bill in depth.  They have been instructed to take three pictures of water-related subjects at home.  Since some are less confident in their photography abilities, Saura went over the basics.  She explained:

  1. Moving water should be taken in bright light, so as not to be blurry.
  2. Different colors and facial expressions can tell a story on their own.
  3. Look at the whole picture and decide if you want detail or a broader story (two steps back or two steps forward).
  4. There are no good pictures or bad pictures.

Tomorrow, students will take pictures of jerrycans (large jugs used primarily in third world countries for water transportation) and glasses of water. They will also look over the pictures that they took for homework.  We hope that this workshop will help students to observe objects they would normally look over.  It should increase their awareness about the water crisis with an entirely new medium.

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