Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

Ada’s Café Updates

Recently, the Ada’s Café club has been working hard to serve at various events, including park openings and Palo Alto City Hall fundraisers. The club members were paired with Ada’s Café employees, and together, they distributed meals to the workers at City Hall. We are also working [...]

Arts Day at Brentwood

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, The Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP) ACE org hosted an Arts Day at Brentwood.  The BGCP ACE org collaborated with three other ACE Orgs: Reading Partners, Gifts of Arts, and Music for the Community to create a day filled with arts and crafts, [...]

Geeeeeeet ready…

…For an exciting event from Fostering Youth Potential! More details to come, but look out for an exciting and relaxing fundraising yoga event with Yoga Source! Plans are underway, so get ready to buy your tickets soon! Can’t wait to de-stress with you!

Fun Afternoon at Lytton Gardens

On Friday, February 7th, Music for the Community made our second visit of the year to Lytton Gardens Senior Community. After slight glitches getting there (who knew there were multiple Lytton Gardens in Palo Alto?), club members sang songs and played their instruments for the seniors. We [...]

Trip Experiences ft. Ms. Burch

My Kisaruni Experience, June 2013 My husband, Bill, traveled fairly extensively in Africa a number of decades ago. Naturally, I have heard MANY stories about his amazing experiences there, and I always imagined that one day he and I would travel to sub-Saharan Africa together, so that he could [...]

Trip Experiences ft. Ms. Pang

Ms. Pang went on the partnership trip to Kisaruni in 2012 and wrote the following poem on hunger and poverty in the United States after a group discussion.  Enjoy!   Kenya Me to We Castilleja trip Summer 2012   When will we be ready? We say government is to protect the general welfare [...]

School Supplies!

Congratz to the freshman and seniors for donating the most school supplies! Great job to the sophomores and juniors too! Together we donated over 200 school supplies! Yesterday, the BGCP ACE org went to Brentwood and handed out the supplies to the 2nd grade class. The kids were so happy, [...]

Arts for a Cause: Eat Organic and Local!

By Cali and Riona Throughout Global Week we learned about the dangers of non-organic foods, which are made with pesticides and other chemicals bad for you to eat. Also, local foods are better for your health because they are fresher. We think people should know about the risks of the food they [...]

Essay: Chickens, Antibiotics, and Government Ohh My!

A problem that I was previously unaware of, and impacts the world is antibiotics in broiler chickens.  Broiler chickens are chickens that we consume. While researching animal welfare I was appalled at the way animals are kept and treated, but I was also equally perturbed by the impact the these [...]

Farm Workers Rights

Global Week Essay: We all eat farm fresh produce, but do you ever think about its story? The farm workers who put long hours and tons of effort into producing our food are often unrecognized, in fact nobody even realizes the horrible conditions that they work in. When they are in the field they [...]

Sustainability in the Cirriculum

A class of third graders sit on the small carpet in front of the classroom. They listen attentively to the teacher, as she explains what words like “sustainability” and “local” mean. That night, one of the third graders, Mary, goes home, and begins to explain the new knowledge to her dad, and [...]

The Environmental impact of Farming

By: Lauren Ashby   Our problem with farming is that at this moment we are in a drought and many people all over the world don’t have enough fresh, clean water. Instead those people are either dehydrated and have nothing to drink or are drinking muddy gross water that is not safe to drink. As [...]

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