Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

Day 3 in China!

Today we were set free again for breakfast, but many of us went to the same bakery that is about a block away from our hostel. Then we headed down to the subway and rode one stop over to the Shanghai No. 3 Girls School. When we first walked into the gate, we were all […]

Journėe #2

Bonsoir mes amis- We felt like true Parisians this morning — most of the group woke up early (not too much of a problem with our erratic sleeping schedules) for a walk around the neighborhood. We donned our winter coats and scarves, set out for the bakery, and discovered one of the true [...]

The Beginning of the Guate Trip

Exciting. Eye-opening. New. Rich. Beautiful. These were the words our fellow classmates used to describe their initial reactions to Guatemala. The journey to our hotel on Lake Atitlán involved planes, bus, and even a boat ride across the lake. After a late-night flight and windy bus ride, we [...]

Day 2 in Shanghai!

Today we went to a clothing factory in the suburbs of Shanghai. After an hour-long bus ride, we arrived at a small, single story clothing factory of only 110 employees. The owner (a woman) greeted us and showed us around. Surprisingly, there weren’t a ton of machines  (only one room of them) [...]

Roshni Experience: Day 2!

We managed to catch up on sleep last night, hitting our beds by 8:30. This morning we were again greeted by an excellent breakfast. Afterwards, we spent an hour being briefed for our visit to Town Hall, the first school Roshni was involved in. We learned about the backgrounds of many of the [...]

Day 1 in Paris

Bonsoir! We touched down in Paris at 10:00 this morning, and though for a brief moment it seemed as if we would never leave Charles de Gaulle airport, we finally found ourselves in a van, rolling through the rainy streets of Paris. Once we dropped our bags at the hotel Citadines (sur le rive [...]

First Day in Shanghai…

Hello from China! After we landed safely yesterday night, we settled into Le Tour Hostel and went out to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant (…what a shocker). After dinner, everyone headed off to their rooms and went to sleep (or tried to). Today, we began the day by waking up at 7:30. We were [...]

Day One in India– Jan. 3 2015

Finally! After 25 hours of air travel, we are in Delhi. Baby count on the first plane: 3. Baby count on the second plane: infinite. There were infinite crying babies. For seven and a half hours. A full day after saying Goodbye to our parents, we staggered out of the double decker airbus at 3 [...]

Knock Out Hunger

Bins full of canned food, a grade wide competition, a culminating knockout tournament, and benefiting the Second Harvest Food Bank. What is it? The Castaruni Club’s Second Annual Knock Out Hunger Campaign! Meeting the call to action of local hunger, the Castaruni Club organized a successful [...]

An Inspirational Visit From Kenya

The Castaruni Club had the pleasure of meeting three amazing women from the Free the Children and Kisaruni School Communities. Traveling from their homes in Kenya, the ACE Org met with a Mama and two Kisaruni High School students. Mama Helen is a community leader of the Me to We Artisans. She [...]

Partnering with BGCP: Holiday Songs

On Wednesday afternoon, MFTC partnered with the Boys And Girls Club (BGCP) at Brentwood! The girls sang and danced along to Jingle Bells, and also to the naughty version of it (Batman Smells). MFTC leaders went through the song with a repeat-after-me, then the girls felt confident enough to [...]

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