Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

How about a sunset? How about a DINOSAUR?

How about a sunset? How about a DINOSAUR? These are the conversations you overhear when teaching eight-year olds art. Other snippets include “Add white to make your volcano pop” and “My cat’s whiskers are falling off.” At St. Elizabeth Seton’s school the [...]

A Little Afternoon Music at Stanford Mall

After lugging an electric piano across the Circle and stuffing it into the trunk of a car, MFTC members Yael, Kaitlin, Hannah, and Rosie arrived at Stanford Mall. We set up in the Center Pavilion at the doorstep of Tiffany’s and across from Macy’s – quite a lucky (and [...]

Lytton Gardens Performance

Last Friday, Hannah, Kaitlin, and Rosie of MFTC performed at Lytton Gardens senior home! It was great recognizing so many friendly faces in the audience 🙂 Hannah performed several songs on the piano, Kaitlin played a flute solo, and Rosie played a selection of violin pieces. Rosie and Kaitlin [...]

BGCP Back for Second Semester!

Back after what seemed like the longest break ever, our ACE Org finally went to Brentwood this week. We got right back in the swing of things this semester with our usual power hour tutoring session. It was really great getting to be with the girls and hearing all about their breaks. Looking [...]

Casti’s Partnership Shanghai Girls School No3

It’s hard to believe the Global Investigators have returned from China, leaving behind the incredible memories from the past two weeks. As an homage to the meaningful time spent together, please check out this article published by the Shanghai Girls School No3. (Apologies if you [...]

Snow Fall in China!

We were greeted this morning with a spectacular snow-fall during the night which we celebrated with a snowball fight in the courtyard before heading down the hill to the bus and van to the Lijiang airport. Unfortunately, we were snowed in at the airport and our flight was delayed; although the [...]

Last Two Days in India

We’ve combined a few posts to make it more convenient for everyone! Enjoy!   Sophie: Friday morning was all about preparation for the closing ceremony. We rose at the crack of dawn, had breakfast, and drove to the IIC. There, the Roshni girls taught six of us (Katja, Karly, Ellie, [...]

Muchas Gracias Tejedoras y Becadas

Today was our final presentation with the becadas. We gathered in their school and shared videos we had made from our interviews earlier in the week with the weavers and their families. Expressing our appreciation of their hospitality was incredibly rewarding. Many of us were pleasantly [...]

More on Day 8 to come later

I’m sure you have all been watching the news about the hostage situation in Paris. We’re taking all the safety precautions necessary and have adjusted our schedule to make sure we as safe at all times 🙂 We got back late from dinner tonight and thought it would be best to write about [...]

China Group: Last day in the village!

The girls had another busy day today and, since this is their last night in the village, I’m sending a quick note, instead of our usual blogging team. Today started with a chance to talk about Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism with Dragons Instructor Eric who talked about the parable in which [...]

India Day 5

Yesterday was the day we’d all been waiting for — a visit to the Taj Mahal! The day began early, and we boarding the buses quickly. The 3 hour bus ride to Agra was painless as most of us slept through it, and soon enough we were in the center of Agra, surrounded by the […]

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