Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

Guatemala Day Four

What a delightful day in Antigua! Yesterday was our most relaxing day so far…but no less productive! We had the pleasure of sleeping in until 8 (quite late by our standards) and enjoyed a great traditional Guatemalan breakfast of beans, eggs, plantains, and fruit in the hotel. Then we got [...]

Day Four in China- Shanghai No. 3 Girls School

First a flash of green grass, then a snap of girl after girl playing automated piano. A boom of girls running down a stone path. We were welcomed to the Shanghai No. 3 All-Girls School with a comprehensively delightful video about their school, informing us of the mandatory group piano lessons, [...]

Waterbottle Design Challenge Culmination

Today was the culmination to the sophomores’ and seventh graders’ work on their water bottle rafts. During the race, each team’s boat was pushed across the Castilleja pool by a teacher. The excitement building up to the event was evident in all the faces of the seventh [...]

January 21st Volunteer Day @ the Horse Park @ Woodside

VOLUNTEER DAY Saturday January 21, 2012 9:30-Noon Your support is needed at the Horse Park at Woodside to help with planting and invasive plant removal in various areas For more information contact: Nancy Benson                                 Water & snacks provided Home 650-233-0653 […]

Greenhouse Workshop- Day Three

On day three of the Greenhouse workshop the students came together to finalize their lists of materials. The groups brainstormed things like how many water bottles would be needed and exactly what the collection process would entail. Students also created a small presentation to present at both [...]

Day Three in China- Sightseeing in Shanghai

This morning was focused on site seeing outside of Shanghai.  After a nice warm breakfast we jumped on the buses and drove to Suzhou, where some of the Casti girls were asked for their autographs. On our drive to Suzhou, one of the buses was stopped at the border of the province due to a […]

Guatemala Day Three

Today was an adventure – an adventure with new food, new people, new ideas, and new personal narratives to explore. As planned, we spent several hours today with the artisanas – the weavers – in their homes, learning more about their childhoods, families, and profound dreams. We heard stories [...]

Day Two in China- reports from student pods

Report from Ari, Roberts pod: Yesterday five of seven pods visited a local television station that focusses on educational TV. Shanghai Education Television, or SETV, an eighteen-year old TV station broadcasts programs that are aimed to educate or help others. One of the programs is something [...]

Art with Sukey Bryan- Day Two

Day Two – by Sarah Casabonne ’12 Today in the mural project with Sukey Bryan, students continued work on their individual mural sections. Ms. Bryan had each girl draw a numbered section out of a hat to determine her portion of the mural. The students had to work together to ensure that [...]

Plan a Peace Conference @ Menlo!

Interested in being a student leader planning a peace conference @ Menlo?  Menlo student Rhea Pokorny is looking for Casti students to help her plan for the March 25 event. This year, Menlo School will host The Field Conference, a conference focusing on global peace and conflict resolution.  It [...]

Local and Global water-related causes

The Community Action Group decided to focus on two water-related causes in the spring semester.  One is local, the other is global.  On the local level, they plan to start a Save the Bay ACE Org that will host regular outings dedicated to a Save the Bay project.  On the local level, students [...]

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