Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

France Day 1

After a 10-hour flight from San Francisco, we arrived in Paris and got settled in at our beautiful apartment in the Marais. We met Ms. Dickman, our point-person, and headed off for a quick lunch at Le Père Tranquille. After lunch, we went to Studio Praxis and participated in an activity that [...]

Scavenger Hunt in Green Lake Park

The girls went on a cool scavenger hunt in Green Lake Park and we prepped for a school visit in a few days. We are all doing well- had amazing steamed buns for breakfast and going out for a Buddhist feast tonight. We are all reading a cool book by American Colin Flahive who owns […]

The Sequoias – Portola Valley Collaboration

On Friday, October 23rd, Music for the Community collaborated with Woodside Priory’s Community Ensemble to put on a performance for residents at The Sequoias – Portola Valley, a retirement community. We enjoyed listening to the Woodside Priory students perform, and had a great time [...]

Rosener House Performance

Written by Kaitlin Rhee ’18 Last Wednesday on October 10th, the Music for the Community club put on a small but fun performance for the senior residents at Rosener House in collaboration with the Rosener House ACE Org!  Rosie Crisman started it off with a violin solo, followed by Kaitlin [...]

Halloween Pencil Toppers

This week, the Seton ACE Org taught elementary school students how to make their own Halloween-themed pencil toppers to celebrate Halloween. Students made pencil toppers ranging from spiders, to witches, to angels, to cats– some students even made up their own creatures to use as pencil [...]

Performance at Town and Country

On Saturday, October 10th, Music for the Community members Simran ’18, Meher ’20, Kareena ’20, Kaitlin ’18, and Rosie ’16 performed at Town and Country! We set up in front of Kara’s Cupcakes and played for all the lunchtime passersby, who enjoyed listening to [...]

Drawing Animals and Their Habitats!

This week, each member of the Seton ACE Org taught a group of 4-6 elementary school students how to draw animals, such as owls, whales, lions, camels, and elephants, and their habitats. This students had a lot of fun learning what different animals eat and drink, and where they live.   [...]

Flat Stanley

Have you ever wanted a friend that you could take anywhere? At the last Seton Art EOP, the club and Seton Art students decided to make one based off of the book, Flat Stanley. First, each Casti student read a short Flat Stanley book to a group Seton students.   Then, the kids all made […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Even though there were no april showers (still in a drought) there were plenty of flowers at the latest Seton Art session. Over the course of the robotics season (basically half of our members are on the team), we collected Juice Squeeze bottles. You may have seen the box labeled (Bottles. Will [...]

Music for the Community’s Benefit Concert ~ 3/29/15

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Music for the Community club hosted its annual Benefit Concert in the theater. This year, we raised money for the Music in the Schools Foundation, which provides under-resourced students in the Ravenswood School District with a fundamental music education. We [...]


This week the Seton ACE org helped 1st – 4th grade students at St. Elizabeth Seton’s School make Leprechaun pencil toppers/puppets to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The kids all made different leprechauns–some made them with hats, without hats, girls, boys, long beards, short [...]

Ada’s Bake Off!

Last week, the Ada’s Café associates came to Castilleja to talk to the Ada’s Café club members about what their jobs entail, how they got into working at Ada’s, and more.! We had a great time eating baked treats while gaining a better understanding of their experience at Ada’s, laughing about [...]

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