Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

France – Tuesday Update

We began our day with a lecture/discussion of minority issues, specifically concerning the social and political status of Muslims and Jewish youth, and the discrimination they face amidst France’s “laïcité.” Samia Hathroubi, an activist who focuses on interfaith dialogue was [...]

China Day 5

Early this morning we arrived in Li Jiang and took vans to a local pub owned by Lisa (one of our dragon guides) and her husband. There we set down our stuff for the day, refilled water bottles, and met their two adorable dogs and new kitten. We found breakfast at a nearby market and […]

China Day 4

Today we started with our daily morning meeting where we went around the group and did roses and thorns (the highlights and lowlights of our day). Then we moved on to breakfast. Instead of eating breakfast as a group, today we were each given 10 yuan and allowed to buy what we wanted at a […]

Guatemala 2016 – Numero Tres

Bright and early yesterday morning we boarded our boat and in the morning fog said good bye to lake atitlan. After the boat ride and a 3 hour bus ride filled with sleeping and laughter, we arrived in Comalapa. After much anticipation, we finally met the becadas. They performed a mayan ceremony [...]

India 2016 – 2nd Update

This morning, we split up into two groups to visit two different schools in Delhi that are Roshni’s partners. Here, we met the families of the Roshni girls and had a “Town Hall” with them. We each asked each other questions and the Roshni students and teachers helped with [...]

Guatemala 2016 – Update Numero Dos

We have wifi for a short time as we are in the library as the students prepare their skits and presentations for the community of San Juan on Lake Titatlan. It has been an incredible 24 hours since our last blog entry.  The students came home from their home stays today at 2:30.  Each and […]

India 2016

Today we finally got to meet the Roshni girls! We started getting to know them with icebreakers and presentations about New Delhi and the Bay Area. Then each Casti girl was paired with her Roshni friend for the week and asked questions about each other’s lives. In the afternoon we [...]

China Day 3

We started our morning with a check in and some pastries. We then headed out to the Dexin school, where we were split up into teams. Each team worked with different ages of kids with the help  of the Princeton bridge program students. We made puppets out of paper bags with the kids and [...]

Guatemala 2016

Hola Padres! 1/2: We landed in Guatemala City where we loaded into vans and headed for San Juan. On the way we stopped for a sandwich and then again to take a look out over the lake. As we began to approach our next destination, we were met with traffic and crowded, colorful streets filled […]

France Day 2

Today’s trip focused on immigration, French nationalism and the French identity, and the social status/discrimination of non-white French citizens. It began with a visit to the National Museum of Immigration where we, along with two girls from AGPR (“Agir pour Réussir,” an [...]

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