Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

The Castaruni Song

click here to hear the Castaruni song: In the 2012 trip to Kisaruni school, Castilleja and Kisaruni students wrote and choreographed a song for the schools’ partnership.  The lyrics are a combination of the five pillars of Kisaruni school and the 5 C’s of [...]

Welcome to our Blog!

Jambo!  Welcome to the Castaruni/Free the Children ACE org blog! Our blog hopes to educate our Castilleja community about the nature of our partnership with Kisaruni school, the trips to Kenya, our club activities, and the organization Free the Children.  Enjoy!   If you’d ever like [...]

Ada’s First Club Meeting!

Today was the first Ada’s Club meeting! We got off to a great start. We met Mrs. Hughes and learned more about the history and mission of the café. We also learned about an opportunity this Friday to serve at the Glass Pumpkin Festival. We’re excited to visit the café when it opens [...]

Issue 1, September 17

Thanks for reading the first issue of The Tissue Paper! Here is the answer to the first trivia question:   DEMASCUS   I hope you got it the answer correct! Check back next week for another question! 🙂

Ada’s Mission Statement

Ada’s Café and Catering is a 501(c)3, non-profit cooperation dedicated to hiring, training, and empowering people with disabilities in our commercial food business.The goal of Ada’s Ace Org is to raise awareness within the Castilleja Community while directly supporting the Cafe’s endeavors. [...]

CAIE: (2013-2014) Mission Statement:

Welcome! as we embark on our second year under the name of C.A.I.E., Community Alliance for Identity and Expression. Our mission is to create a more inclusive and accepting environment at Castilleja for LGBTQA students and allies. As a club we explore topics related to gender and sexuality and [...]

Turn It Around…What it’s about!

Turn It Around stands for elementary schools who cannot afford an arts program with students who want to learn how to dance. Throughout the year we will be talking to schools, interviewing, making a class plan and then teaching the classes. First semester will be more for planning and [...]

REACH Worldwide Mission Statement

Our club aims to research solutions to medical problems locally and worldwide, to educate our community about global health issues and about different and possible careers in medicine and to aid organizations, local and global, that work to solve the world’s health problems.

Gallery Leadership Mission Statement

Gallery Leadership conceptualizes and organizes gallery shows on campus, giving students first-hand experience curating exhibits and showcasing their creativity. Through our activities and student shows we hope to inspire both self-expression and global awareness in the Castilleja community and [...]

Diversity Club Mission Statement

Diversity Club works towards building a strong and inclusive community based on respect. We aim to raise awareness and develop an understanding and appreciation for different areas of diversity. Diversity Club is a place to reflect, take risks, lean into discomfort, and celebrate the [...]

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