Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

India Day 3: Roshni Skits and Henna/Dance/High Tea/iYogi

By the third day, most of us finally adjusted to the time difference. After another amazingly prepared breakfast, we departed for the India International Centre to meet the Roshni girls at around 9 a.m. In the morning we shared skits from Castilleja and Roshni that portrayed “family and [...]

FRANCE, Day 3: Monday, 2014-01-06

By Danielle Today, we started off with a nice breakfast at the FIAP, and then headed into a conference room to listen to a presentation by Tara Dickman, a trainer and consultant in politics, communications, and development strategy in France. We sat down, turned off the lights, and read the [...]

Coffee, Dying, and Friends… Oh My!

Today was quite the full day! We started off with breakfast at 8am sharp! During our breakfast we were surprised by loud booms and and a large group of people carrying baby Jesus! Here they call it Día de los Reyes and a huge group of men carrying baby Jesus and drums travel throughout the […]

Fudan student exchange day

Yesterday we spent the day exploring Shanghai with our Fudan University buddies. In the morning we were given our challenge to complete various tasks around the city. These included taking a picture in traditional Chinese clothes, learning and presenting a verse of a Chinese song, asking three [...]

India 2014 Day 2: Roshni Town Hall Meetings and Old Delhi

After our first full night sleep, we woke feeling well rested. We put on our gorgeous kurti and scarf (given to us in our beautiful “gift bags” when we arrived), ready for the day ahead!  No two kurti were the same and each one was selected specifically for each of us by the awesome Roshni […]

FRANCE, Day 2: Sunday, 2014-01-05

By Tammy and Abby Today’s journey began with a trip to the immigration museum. After descending the métro at the Porte Dorée, we were first greeted by a beautiful golden statue along with the facade of the museum, an intricate relief of various French colonies. After a brief moment in the [...]

Guatemala: San Juan Pueblo

Hola! We started our trek into the heart of Guatemala with a three hour car ride from the capital to Lake Atitlán. After a boat trip we settled into Hotel Uxlabil, a gorgeous place with a view of the lake that is absolutely bonita! We filled up on an authentic lunch consisting of broccoli soup [...]

Tina and Ana blog on China

Yesterday, we explored the hostel further and had a traditional Chinese breakfast and reviewed the itinerary while also learning about cultural norms such as how to greet someone. We also met our Fudan University buddies and participated in ice breaker games and tasks. We had stations such as [...]

India 2014 Day 1: Welcome to Roshni and New Delhi Sights

After saying a fond goodbye to our parents in San Francisco, we departed for India! Our first flight was uneventful (though there was perhaps less sleeping than intended) as was the one-hour layover in Hong Kong. Customs and Immigration went smoothly (it even included a marriage proposal!?), [...]


We made it! We are safe and sound at our fabulous hostel (replete with drawings on all the walls), waiting for the rest of our party, who are already somewhere in China, to join us. Our 13 hour direct flight was wonderfully uneventful. There was plenty of extra room which allowed for some yoga [...]

Beginning our adventure: China Day 1

Hi all, this is the week! Now that I have ensured that I know how to use the blog post and you have figured out how to follow it, go get your passport and put it where you will remember to bring it with you! This is a good time to check your luggage, too. […]

Half the Sky

Nicholas Kristof, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and co-author of the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide visited Castilleja as a speaker during the Global Week of 2011. This one sentence description really can’t do this man justice, considering [...]

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