Castilleja School’s ACE Center provides a number of co-curricular and curricular experiential learning programs, aimed to promote leadership development for all students. Please use this site to get an update on a number of projects.

Farm Worker’s Rights

      Grape picking is one of the most laborious agricultural jobs in the US and for all the hard work these people are doing, they are not even paid enough to support themselves much less a family. In 2004, a 53 year old grape picker fainted from heat stroke after working ten hours […]

The Environmental Impact of Farming

Environmental Impact of Pesticides – Scarlett The use of harmful pesticides and herbicides, while reaching their desirable effects, can also harm and contaminate plants that were not the target species, and can threaten endangered plant species. There are many different types of [...]

McDonald’s In East Palo Alto (By Emma)

    McDonald’s is located in the north and south of East Palo Alto. This fact may not seem neither very interesting, nor very relevant. After all, everyone knows to eat healthy, right? Who would go to McDonald’s every day, even if it is convenient? However, East Palo Alto is a food desert. This [...]

The Welfare of Poultry: A Fight for Justice

The Welfare of Poultry: A Fight for Justice By: Dana Abbo, Priya Bhanot, Elizabeth Foster, and Ella Henn Animal welfare is the well-being of animals that are kept and intended to be used for meat. As society becomes more wary of the food we eat as well as its origin, some startling news has [...]

FRANCE, Day 8: 2014-01-11

By All Lunch with women leaders Danielle: I enjoyed lunch yesterday with Karima. Or rather, I didn’t enjoy the food, because talking to Karima, a “Wonder Woman” from an underprivileged background who recently started her own law firm at the age of 30, was far too interesting [...]

GMOs and Genetically Modified Foods

One of the many global food issues in our world is that fruits and vegetables that are transported over long distance sea trips often rot before they reach their destination.  When the food reaches the location of importanization, it is already turning brown, and may be soggy depending on what [...]

Food Distribution and Mileage Essay-Anika Adzich

Food is grown and harvested all over the world today. To transport food from far away farms it takes a lot of energy to get to our local grocery stores. Air pollution is getting worse and worse because of the long trips the food takes. Food in grocery stores is not fresh, it sits on […]

FRANCE, Day 7: Friday 2014-01-10

By Abby Discussion at cafe with activist Rokhaya Dialla We arrived at the café “Le Zèbre dans le Patio” in the 19th district and armed ourselves with espresso drinks and cups of juice as Tara gave us a quick background on Rokhaya Diallo and the incredible work she’s done to [...]

Genetically Modified Corn: by Atmika, Claire, Selina, Chloe

Genetic modification of crops, when described simply, is  when people take a gene from an organism and apply it to a crop, in order for the crop to possess a desired trait. Genetic modification improves the taste of crops, make them more nutritional, improve resistance from pests, and may also [...]

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