No-Sew T-Shirts with the Ninth Grade

Day One – by Amy Rosch ’12

On the first day, the participants of the No-Sew Shirts workshop learned why recycling clothing is important. The leaders of the workshop put together a powerpoint explaining how bad for the environment the clothing industry is. Some particularly shocking facts included that cotton, one of the major fabrics in clothing, is responsible for 1/4 of all pesticides that are used in the United States, and that a pair of jeans will use over 900 gallons of water in their lifetime. After the powerpoint, the girls in the workshop began working on their projects. They could either recycle t-shirts by transforming them with paint or make environmentally friendly earrings out of magazines and paper. Learning about how harmful the clothing industry was definitely had the biggest impact on the seniors. None of us had any idea how much damage making just a pair of jeans could have on the environment.

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