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Winter Break is almost here! Music for the Community is really excited for next semester, when we will kick into full gear for our 2014 Concert for a Cause. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a quick look back at what the club has worked on this semester. Thank you to all our members and everyone else who has contributed for all the hard work. 

1. In October we helped Glee club host a very successful Open Mic Night! We knew from past Open Mics that the event would be tons of fun, but we were blown away by the musical/theatrical talents (and courage– it takes guts to sing for a crowd!) of each performer. All proceeds from the event went to the Music in the Schools Foundation. See their website to learn more about the organization: http://musicintheschools.org/

2. On November 1st we performed at Lytton Gardens, a senior center near Castilleja. It was a great chance to practice performance skills, and the seniors seemed to enjoy our renditions of everything from classical piano to “The Cup Song.” We will be back at Lytton Gardens in February– contact Yael or Hannah if you’re interested in coming, as anyone is welcome!

3. We sold concessions at the fabulous Winter Concert, raising $100 for the club’s funds. We hope to put this toward a larger donation to a charitable cause, as we continue fundraising throughout the year.

4. A final note– Music for the Community has partnered with a similar group from Woodside Priory to start developing a sort of “league” of music clubs, called California Youth Community Ensembles. It will give us more opportunities to collaborate with students from other schools. Although we’re still in the planning phase, we hope to do some joint performances at senior centers with the Woodside Priory club soon.

Below: your daily dose of music humor.

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