Art with Sukey Bryan- Day Two

Day Two – by Sarah Casabonne ’12

Today in the mural project with Sukey Bryan, students continued work on their individual mural sections. Ms. Bryan had each girl draw a numbered section out of a hat to determine her portion of the mural. The students had to work together to ensure that all the lines matched up to produce a fluid overall image. I truly enjoyed watching students from every grade collaborate. Sixth graders were approaching freshmen and sophomores, and everyone was incredibly willing to work together.

When the students began painting, the room got much more quiet; everyone was very focused on her individual piece. Ms. Bryan approaches painting with a broad picture to details method. She encouraged the girls to begin with the largest brushes, filling in the overall colors and basic shapes of the structures. Ms. Bryan also discouraged the use of plain white, and did not provide any black paint. “It will be really difficult to work without any black,” one freshman said, “but I am really excited to see it all come together.” This quotation exemplifies the spirit of the day; the students broadened their horizons, but were legitimately excited about the work they were producing, even if it was challenging.

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