Muchas Gracias Tejedoras y Becadas

Today was our final presentation with the becadas. We gathered in their school and shared videos we had made from our interviews earlier in the week with the weavers and their families. Expressing our appreciation of their hospitality was incredibly rewarding. Many of us were pleasantly surprised at the reactions of the weavers upon viewing the videos. We were honored to discover that our work meant so much to them. This goes both ways; we will remember our time with the weavers and becadas for years to come and already miss them greatly.


Afterwards we ate lunch all together, followed by a fun if difficult piñata demolition. We concluded our time with them with games of soccer and basketball. As we left the becadas gave us handmade creations called comalitos, which consisted of a  decorated candle and plate to  remember Comalapa by. Though it was  sad to say goodbye, we left with a  feeling of warmth and friendship, and  emails and Facebook info for keeping in touch.

This evening we had dinner at one of Lencho’s favorite restaurants called The Rainbow Cafe. We listened to live music as we ate our food, and soon all of us were dancing and singing along.


We even had a conga line that worked its way around the restaurant, certainly giving other guests some entertainment as well.

Our time in Gaute is coming to a close, but we are so glad to be spending our time with the most wonderful atmosphere and kindest people.

We are very grateful to have this opportunity and are looking forward to our last full day in Guatemala tomorrow.

¡Hasta pronto!







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