Miss Representation Screens @ Casti to a Packed House

“Welcome, thanks for coming out tonight, and prepare to be outraged!”

With these words, CSA Parent Education Co-Chair Amanda Jones welcomed a crowd of nearly 400 students, parents, staff and invited guests to a very thought-provoking event. On Wednesday, November 16, the CSA Parent Education Committee and co-sponsor Juice Beauty presented a screening of “Miss Representation” a film produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom exposing the effects of the media’s disastrous representation of women. The film’s assembly of shocking clips of the shallow and harsh images of children, actors, politicians, academics, and thought leaders who were objectified, sexualized, and belittled because of their gender was sobering, and yes, enraging.

The film screening was followed by a call to action panel discussion moderated by Casti Junior Jordan Fowler. Elizabeth Scott of The Body Positive and Jennifer Berger of About Face encouraged us to demand change by questioning what we watch and read, defining womanhood for ourselves and claiming our own identities, being more supportive of other women and celebrating beauty in ourselves. Berger highlighted the power of Facebook and other social media tools for calling attention to the best and the worst in print and movies and on TV. Audience members were challenged to take responsibility and work for change by being positivae role models. Visit TheBodyPositive.org and www.About-Face.org to explore extensive tools, ideas and activities for taking action. As Marion Wright Edelman was quoted in the film, “You can’t be what you can’t see.”


The film will be available in the Casti Library, or you can purchase additional copies of “Miss Representation” on the Roco Films Educational website (http://www.rocoeducational.com/).  Very special thanks to Jennifer Berger, Elizabeth Scott, Jordan Fowler, Juice Beauty, and our awesome Casti student AV team, Sara Holston, Briana Rossman, and Nina Jansen for their help with an exceptional event.

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