Microfinance Club

Microfinance is a credit system in which small sums of money with high interest rates are loaned to a borrower, who then can gradually pay back those amounts. Watch the 1-minute video below to see how microfinance helps the community:

(source: kiva.org)

In our club, we’ll work together to throw fun and unique fundraisers, and we’ll raise awareness in the community about how microfinance can combat poverty in rural areas. Lastly, we’ll connect with underprivileged small business owners around the world and lend through programs like Kiva and the 1990 Foundation. Overall, we want to build connections, learn about business and finance, and provide opportunities to people who don’t have access to many of the institutions that we take for granted.

If you are interested in learning about loans and investment and/or making a positive difference, join our Microfinance Club– we’ll have a really great time!!

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