Local School in LaShiHai

On our brief adventure to the local school in LaShiHai, we enjoyed interacting with both students and teachers. Upon arrival we were greeted by a group of enthusiastic first graders jumping around the play yard in anticipation. We were quickly ushered into a third grade classroom where we taught beginner English. Our lesson included colors, shapes, and basic objects with candy rewards for participation. Following our lesson, we went out into the play yard to teach a large group of kids the “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” song. After barely learning the body parts necessary to sing, all of the children jumped around to the rhythm. When we met a teacher at the local school, we learned that most of the students were Naxi and half were boys and half were girls. The teachers themselves are mostly from the city and commute to the country for work. It was very interesting to hear from her perspective.

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