This week the Seton ACE org helped 1st – 4th grade students at St. Elizabeth Seton’s School make Leprechaun pencil toppers/puppets to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


A couple of kids with their finished leprechauns.

FullSizeRender 2

The excited class in the process of making the leprechauns.

The kids all made different leprechauns–some made them with hats, without hats, girls, boys, long beards, short beards, etc. They used manila folders to make the main head of the leprechaun, googly eyes to for eyes, orange and green paper to accessorize their leprechauns, and lots and lots of glue and tape.




A lot of the kids even decided to make a whole family!

After most of the kids were finished making their leprechauns, a puppet show was put on, where the kids used the leprechauns to create a story. There were stories where they were trying to find a pot of gold, stories where their leprechauns lost their pots of gold, the list goes on! The kids were so creative with their stories, and it was so fun to hear what they came up with.

FullSizeRender 3

Puppet show time!




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