LaunchBit Internship

Flexible, Full-time Summer Internship (unpaid)

LaunchBit, started by 2 Casti alums (Jennifer Hsieh ’00 and Elizabeth Yin ’00), is an ad network for email newsletters. We’re growing like crazy — you will be working with *4 Casti alums* this summer.

After graduating from Casti, we’ve found that the #1 skill you need to be successful in life is sales. Whether it’s selling your background for a job or pitching a new product or selling a service, you must be able to sell. It doesn’t matter what role or field you go into. It took us years and expensive training to learn how to sell effectively, and we’re going to teach you our secrets and these skills for free this summer.

Anyone can learn to sell — you don’t have to be outgoing. You must be organized, detail-oriented, and motivated.

Interested? Contact Elizabeth at

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