Karaoke, Cliff Jumping, North Shore, and Canoe Surfing (and some work)

In the morning on Saturday, we split into groups and went on a scavenger hunt around Honolulu. It was pretty tiring, and after getting lost only a couple times, we were successful and made it back to the dorms. We had the rest of the afternoon free so Molly and I decided to explore! A Punahou student took us and a couple others to the beach to go canoe surfing. It was incredible!! If you don’t know what it is (we didn’t) basically you go out in a four person canoe with flotation device connected to the side. Then, you float in the ocean and try to catch a wave, and when you do the canoe picks up a lot of speed and rides the wave like a regular surfboard. After that, we went back to Punahou for karaoke night. Over 20 songs were sung including “Let it Go” from Frozen  in Japanese! The group from India also performed a Bollywood dance. All in all, it was a very fun night.

We also had Sunday free so the three of us went with Mr. Ahmed and his wife Dana to the North Shore! The North Shore is known for having the best beaches, so of course we spent most of the morning there. We also found time to stop for shave ice, a Hawaiian specialty. The beach was beautiful and warm, but the best part was the 40ft rocks on one side. We had lots of fun “cliff jumping” off of them. It was scary but exhilarating! We left the beach around 1 and stopped at a food truck to get a delicious lunch. On our way home we also stopped at a fresh fruit stand. We sipped water straight from coconuts and sucked on sugarcane the whole way home 🙂

Today we listened to Olin Lagan, a founder of many successful start ups, give a talk about the power of connecting people. He had a lot of wisdom for us, and we were really impressed with his creativity and passion for his social entrepreneurship work. Later, we worked on the PowerPoint we will be presenting to the group on Friday which proposes the project we will bring back to Castilleja. In the afternoon, we visited the Asian Pacific Center for Security Studies, an educational and research institute partnered run by the U.S. Department of Defense. We listened to a series of speakers talk about security, urbanization, public health, and vulnerability to natural disasters in cities. Afterwards, we broke into smaller groups for discussion. It was interesting to see how people’s perspectives on the issues differed depending on what country they came from. We certainly all left with different ideas then we had when we arrived. We think this one of the best parts about SGLI– having the ability to collaborate and share ideas with students from all over the world and to leave with a much broader perspective.

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