Journėe #2

Bonsoir mes amis-

We felt like true Parisians this morning — most of the group woke up early (not too much of a problem with our erratic sleeping schedules) for a walk around the neighborhood. We donned our winter coats and scarves, set out for the bakery, and discovered one of the true pleasures of life: a delicious pastry on a wintry day. We can’t deny that we certainly looked the part of tourists, but who can resist taking photos of Paris when nearly everything seems photo-worthy? We stopped in at St. Sulpice church before meeting the whole group back at the hotel.

After heading to Gare du Nord on the Mėtro, we went to Studio Praxis for an exciting plan of activities. Tara introduced us to the French constitutional framework, and then gave us some background on minority mobilization in France before and after the key riots of 2005. After this discussion, we broke off into pairs for a one-on-one activity, the goal being to get to know the self-interests of our partners: what drives your goals, long term and short term? We had a quick bite of lunch, and next Tara introduced us to the steps of community organizing. In pairs, we then had a chance to put these newly discovered skills to use by coming up with a plan of action against specific examples of unfair societal situations.

Then it was back to more touristy activities: a walk to Notre Dame and then across the Seine to a Chinese restaurant (Le Cėleste Gourmand) for dinner. Our walk back to the hotel felt like a scene from the movie Midnight in Paris, passing La Conciergerie and the main city hall of Paris. The highlight of the night came at 9:00 on the dot. When Tara realized there were only a few minutes till 9, she mysteriously began running. We followed our fearless leader to a bridge on the Seine, closed our eyes per Tara’s request, made a wish, and opened our eyes to the glittering Eiffel Tower. The sight was gorgeous, and we found it hard to return to the hotel after such an exciting scene.

Our group is becoming more bonded every day; nous sommes une petite famille. From our morning strolls to our mealtime chats to the pre-bedtime temporary tattoos we all applied, we are having so much fun. But most importantly, we are learning so much.

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  • Lauren

    Bonjour, Bonjour!

    Qu’est-ce que je suis contente de savoir que tout se passe si bien! J’aurais bien voulu être là avec vous mais vous me raconterez tout après, d’accord? Vous avez sûrement vu des galettes des rois dans les pâtisseries, n’est-ce pas? Bonne fête des rois!

    Vous avez déjà beaucoup appris au studio Praxis. Bravo! Je suis sûre que vous continuerez à bien profiter de chaque visite et de chaque rencontre et cela me fera grand plaisir de suivre vos messages blogs! xo mme schryver

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