India Beyond Roshni: April 10 and 11

There is plenty to share as several days have passed since the last post.  April 10 and 11 were spent meeting many of Roshni’s local partners, as well as local and national leaders.  There is extraordinary interest in the Castilleja/Roshni partnership concept.  It resonates with everyone as a model where there is a conscious effort to deconstruct the power paradigm and thoughtfully engage young people in shaping a future together.   Below is a quick list of people with whom Saima, Sarah, and I met.  I will elaborate on specifics with anyone who is particularly interested in a contact.  Suffice it to say that there are incredible opportunities for students to engage in the spaces of innovative industrial product development, social equity and justice, software/app development, and the democratic process as it pertains to the largest democracy in the world.  It is exciting to imagine how to create collaborative experiences for the non-profit/corporate/gov’t partners, Roshni, and Castilleja.  The organizations are hyperlinked, so scroll over them to click through.

Attero (E-Waste)
Nitin Gupta
Shakti Vahini (Sex Trafficking/HIV Aids Prevention)
Ravi Kant
Meenakshi Ghosh
Supreme Court of India, Bench of Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia
Meeting with Vivek Agnihotri, Secretary General
Aura, Member of National Water Commission
Niraj Sharan, Chairman & CEO
Liqvid (E-Learning)
Vivek Agarwal, CEO
Manish Upadhyay, COO
Divya Bhasin, CTO
Yatish Pathak, Founder & CEO of SOMA Networks (Telecommunications Industry)
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