India 2014, Day 6: Roshni Projects and NDTV

WellnessThursToday was another exciting day of working with the Roshni girls and sight-seeing. We started out the day with a delicious breakfast (heavy on the banana bread and masala tea!) and preceded to pile onto the bus for a morning with the Roshni girls. We began with relaxation/meditation on the theme of patience, (thank you Meghan) and then started working on our group projects!

The goal of the group projects is to better equip Roshni girls for the workforce through the development of leadership skills that they can highlight during job interviews. We were divided into groups by skills like teamwork, conflict management, and communication and each group was then asked to design a learning module to develop that skill. We got to work on brainstorming and discussing possibilities for the module.
groupa groupb groupd groupE groupf projectsgroupc

After our morning tea break we were privileged to visit with inspirational leader,  Anjali Gopalan.  Shespeaker spoke to us about the issues facing the gay community in India today and her work with HIV positive youth and adults in India as well as her HIV work in the 1980’s in the U.S.. It was an amazing opportunity to hear her speak and the messages she left us with will be with us for some time to come. A definite highlight of our trip.

After lunch we started prepping for the Closing Ceremony before saying goodbye ndtvlogoto our friends at Roshni. We eagerly headed off to NDTV for the later afternoon, where we got the opportunity to talk to journalists, reporters, and more! It was great fun getting a behind the scenes look at the making of news reports. We saw what went into production and post-production, chatted with graphic designers and sound editors, and even saw some lifelike puppets of political figures that are used in a political satire show!
ndtv2  NDTVpuppets

Back at the guesthouse, we ate dinner and then divided into groups to discuss the leadership skills we initially hoped to develop on the Investigator’s Trip and how far we have come since our pre-trip reflections. We came back into a larger group and the conversation meandered into a general reflection on our experiences in India and our work with the Roshni girls. We discussed the differences (cultural and otherwise) between Roshni and Castilleja girls and had a meaningful exchange of our personal reflections.

Tomorrow we will be working more on our learning modules and will be able to bond even more with our Roshni friends!


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