I wonder….I worry….I wish…..

Ushering in Global Week 2012, Fresh Water: Commodity or Human Right, In Search of a New Paradigm, was Academy Award Winning Director Jessica Yu and her yet-to-be released film “Last Call at the Oasis.”  Castilleja was honored to host an official pre-screening of the film and a Q&A with Jessica.  Jessica challenged our assumptions about and further explored the commodification of water.  A second session offered student the opportunity to think about water as a human right.  We were honored to have Gemma Bulos, Women’s Earth Alliance; Mamen Saura, Humanitarian Photographer; Dawnet Beverly,Water.org Board Member;  Sabore Ole Oyie, Maasai Chief; and Hari Balasubramanian, Conservation International.

After thinking and questioning, students shared a collaborative conversation facilitated by “Google Collaborator.”  They answered the prompt: I wonder…, I worry….I wish….  Collectively it was clear we all worry about water access and best practices in water use and water purification. We all also worry and wonder about how to empower women to become more educated by freeing them from the daily task of retrieving water for family use.  And, we wish we knew what to do to transform the status quo.  This week is about answering that wish.  As Head of School Nanci Kauffman noted, “Awareness, Compassion, Engagement” is the arc of the week, and as we build awareness this week, we will be  prompted into engagement for years to come.

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