Hospital in LaShiHai

The hospital was an interesting experience for us because we got a mix of traditional medicine and western practice we are used to. We went to the hospital to get Kara’s knee checked out. The hospital entrance fee was incredibly small at only 2¥ compared to the United States. The MRI was not available so we saw a traditional Chinese doctor place a wrap with many special herbs on her knee.

Some differences we noticed about the Lijang hospital and American ones were that the hospital was not sanitary or as well organized as American ones. Doctors smoked freely in their rooms despite the no-smoking signs outside and many floors were completely empty. There was a relatively balanced ratio of female to male doctors. Many patients at the hospital were there to receive an antibiotic through an IV. We also got to look in the room of am expert doctor. Kai explained to us that the banners on the wall were gifts from patients the doctor has miraculously cured.

We ended with a trip to the pharmacy to create our own medicinal tea of goji berries that are good for blood, licorice and ginger roots that are good for digestion, and astragalus that is good for the immune system. Finally, we got a taste of rural Chinese hospitality when we hitch hiked to and from the hospital.

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