Holiday Fair Guidelines

Holiday Fair Flyer (Click here to see PDF of formatted flyer)…..or read below for basics.


ACE Center Holiday Fair


How to Raise Funds @ the Fair:


  • Beginning December 7 and ending on Dec. 12 recognized ACE Orgs or anyone getting special permission from the ACE Center for a cause she supports may put a thoughtfully decorated shoebox or “capture” receptacle in the ACE Center that has the name of a recognized 501c3 (non-profit) organization on it.
  • Along with your shoebox/receptacle you will need to have an information document that highlights the purpose of the organization for which you are raising funds. This will be laminated by the ACE Center and positioned next to your shoebox.
  • The ACE Center will provide cards like the one below for donors to attach to a candy cane that we provide.  When people donate they can take a card and a candy cane to use as a “gift” for a friend or colleague. If you want to make your own “cute” cards, you are welcome to do it.  Below is an image of the card we will provide if you don’t provide one specifically for your ACE Org.
  • If your ACE Org sells anything other than food to raise funds, you may contact Ms. Kertsman to set up a table to sell goods at break and/or lunch one day during the 5-day event.
  • Questions?  Ask Ms. Kertsman or one of the ACE Fellows.



How to Support an ACE Org @ the Fair:


  • Beginning December 7 and ending on Dec. 12 anyone will be able to donate cash or checks to any of the organizations represented in the ACE Center or purchase goods sold at the Holiday Fair.
  • As a donor, you will be able to take acknowledgement cards to attach to a candy cane and “gift” others.




There are no rules to this process. No one is measuring how much you give. No one is counting how many cards you take.  Just by visiting the ACE Center and learning through “awareness, compassion, and engagement,” you are honoring the spirit of the season. So come, visit, learn, buy, support someone’s passionate dedication to a cause, and donate if you are inspired to do so.


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