HBV Awareness Day

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At an upper school meeting, students and faculty were informed of the severity of hepatitis B and learned that it is preventable. However, we, the members of the Castilleja community, must become fully aware and engaged in the cause before we can create positive change and take the next steps to eradicate this disease.

To do so, Team HBV held a school-wide HBV Awareness Day on November 20. Students (both middle and upper school) and faculty demonstrated their support for the Jade Ribbon Campaign at Stanford University and its endeavors to raise awareness of HBV. On this day, members of the Castilleja community wore green/jade colored shirts and stickers (see attached image) and proudly displayed their enthusiasm for raising awareness of this cause.

Thank you to all who participated! Watch your emails for more on campus events as well as an ice-skating night where Team HBV will be selling t-shirts, wristbands, pens, tattoos, balloons and more. Ticket and merchandise sales will be donated to the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact 16ktewari@castilleja.org.


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